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Of Mountains & Printing Presses The goal of this new editor is to make adding rich content to WordPress simple +more...

27 Apr, 2024

Ivankhaneh is a finalist of the World Architecture Festival 2023

In praise of futility.In general consensus, architectural designs initiate in already identified or even labeled spaces. Despite this fact, during +more...

12 Jul, 2023

Nexa Group CEO interview with Press Tv

Yesterday, an interview was held in Press TV and in was mentioned that:Iran has a growing population of around 85 +more...

17 Oct, 2021

Philomena+ exhibition

  STAYING HOME, BUT HOW ? 19/02 – 05/03/2021 CAUD طراحان کالبدی معاصر, Challenge Studio استودیو چلنج, Daneshgar architects, einszueins +more...

09 Mar, 2021

Stay home, but how?

Can Covid-19 be considered a chance to globally promotedevelopments and strategies to counteract anarchitectural crisis that has been around for +more...

27 Feb, 2021

August 5th, 3rd Nexa Architecture Competition Awards

The results of the third competition of Nexagroup will be announced online on wednesday, August 5th .

01 Aug, 2020



26 May, 2020


    31st Nexa residential project   Fascinating Apartment-Villa with Intriguing and Unique Design by Prominent Architect Dr. Alireza Taghaboni +more...

19 May, 2020

Unveiling of the poster of the 3rd Nexa Architecture Competition

13 May, 2020

Judge meeting of 3rd architecture competition

    Yesterday, one of the most important meetings of this competition was held in the Nexa Group office.The meeting +more...

29 Apr, 2020

XIMA sold out

    XIMA sold out. Last unit of this luxurious building which was a 290 m2 duplex with unique and +more...

08 Apr, 2020

3rd Architectural competition

    Nexa Group, at the end of the year 1398, presents thirty-fourth residential project with an attractive architectural competition. +more...

14 Mar, 2020


    The latest residential project of Nexa Group is being built in Khansar in Isfahan province. IVAN KHANEH was +more...

04 Mar, 2020

CEDRUS, Sold out

08 Jan, 2020


30 Dec, 2019

CEDRUS, the winner of WAF 2019

  We are proud to announce, CEDRUS is the WINNER of WAF2019 in completed buildings category.NEXA group congratulation to Alireza +more...

05 Dec, 2019

NEXA in Exhibition of Sustainable Buildings

Nexa Group made a rich appearance in The 4th National Conference and Exhibition of Sustainable Buildings and Optimal Energy Consumption +more...

28 Nov, 2019

GRANDO Grand opening

In 25th and 26th of November, NEXA Group was the host of GRANDO grand opening as a private event at +more...

28 Nov, 2019

New visual identity of NEXA group

18 Apr, 2019

Real states and agants event

18 Apr, 2019

NEXUS Construction begins

A new and unique building from the Nexa Group begins today.

10 Jun, 2019

CEDRUS , World Architecture Festival Finalist 2019

07 Jul, 2019

Arch daily report from WAF finalist

  The Arch Daily website is the largest and most visited architecture website in the world, constantly reviewing the best +more...

10 Jul, 2019

End of Story; GRANDO sold out

Every 5 super luxury units of GRANDO was sold.

31 Aug, 2019