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The Fourth Nexa Group Architecture Competition
June 13, 2024 Nexa 44

Nexa 44 is a prominent project in western Tehran, accessible via the city's main highways, providing easy and fast access to all desired destinations. It also offers leisure opportunities in the numerous surrounding parks.

This marks the 44th Nexa project, standing as the tallest structure within a one-kilometer radius.

The 3th Nexa Group Architecture Competition
March 2020 Nexa 34

Subject of the Competition

General Design of the Thirty-Fourth Residential Project by Nexa Group

This competition marks the third architectural design experience within this group. Aligned with the comprehensive regulations for conducting architectural and urban design competitions approved by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, announced under notification number 309/DSH on March 15, 2020, it was held under the supervision of the Permanent Secretariat of Architectural and Urban Design Competitions of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. The registration process was successfully completed on July 6, 2020.