Ivankhaneh is a finalist of the World Architecture Festival 2023

In praise of futility.
In general consensus, architectural designs initiate in already identified or even labeled spaces. Despite this fact, during the design process you may come across space that cannot necessarily be categorized by any function, in other words, anonymous. Spaces of that kind, due to lack of general awareness or knowledge are considered useless in the eyes of an ordinary person. Although in spite of the logical design process, experience has over and over proven that these futile spaces are the liveliest of them all as they communicate messages to their audience through quality rather than function. They would over the course of time shift into the coziest spots to hang out, leisure, or just simply be.In praise of redemption.
Iranian people have had to spend a portion of their expectedly modern lifestyle which is supposed to be spent in public places, in private spaces over the past forty years and going, which has undoubtedly been the result of the ideological scrutiny of the ruling government. Some might even refer to it as a double life forced on them. Due to the need, a demand for the mentioned private spaces has undoubtedly risen. What can make up for all this is obviously going to be exclusive private spots which would eventually provide the opportunity to attend events on a social scale away from external control.

In praise of nature.
KHANSAR green trails provide the opportunity of walking through a homogeneous context. They could become memorable by mental pictures captured by wandering, walking by walls or even passing under vaults, which would provide the opportunity to communicate to the rich spirit of the atmosphere. One might be drawn to the nature of that spot without showing off the building. Familiarly and intimately, the trails lead to one another as the beauty of the deep perspective repeats, repeats, until it repeats again. Surrounding buildings become the crucial essence of the atmosphere along the trails.

The event.
The project is a combination of all three layers of futile, free, and natural spaces. The layer of useless space is a continuum of the green trail which merges into the project whilst remaining anonymous, providing a gathering spot. It would be a portion of the “home” which is outside, yet not in city. A place safe from ideological scrutiny of the city, showing a subtle hint of untamed nature. This layer of space that moves around ending up in nature can retain the same uselessness as simply hanging out with friends. In order to architecturalize the general idea, three concepts of scale, extension, and semi-open spaces have been utilized, by breaking down massive volume into smaller ones in order to retain the surrounding contexts as well as making internal empty/negative spaces later turning them into labyrinths to marry the building and nature around it, extending nature right into the building with maximum number of void, utilizing camouflaging materials, there would be no visible line where the nature ends and the building begins.

Reference: https://www.worldbuildingsdirectory.com/entries/ivankhaneh/