From the outset of your stay at the our projects, NEXA LIFE (Utilization Management Services Team) would do its best to meet all your essential and daily requirements. The affairs related to the building are managed by a team of experienced technicians, just like a 7-star hotel. You can enjoy all this while living a carefree life in complete security and tranquility.

NEXA TECH is one of the executive and supervisory arms of the NEXA Group. The company manages the construction of NEXA Group projects such as: NEXUS, SIDE PARK, PHOENIX projects either directly or as a project manager and supervises the performance of outsourced project executives to ensure that they are implemented within the NEXA standards.

NEXA LINE is another executive and supervisory arm of the NEXA Group. The company is responsible for the construction of NEXA Group projects, including: IVAN KHANEH Project, ANDO Project, LUMEN Project, Villa DEY Project and PIXEL Project, directly according to NEXA Group standards.
Innovation, the use of the highest standards and the use of modern technologies to achieve the goals of the NEXA Group, is their main approach in implementation.

NEXA HOME has been created with expertise in the field of design and execution of interior decoration and furniture and is trying to provide the ultimate personalization according to the customer’s taste with a skillful design and execution and at the same time in accordance with NEXA style to its customers and NEXA Group.