VAHEH Project – Reza Daneshmir


The design features two vertical residential volumes situated on the north and south ends of the site, connected by a horizontal volume at the lower floors, creating a U-shaped structure that redefines the conventional architecture of high-rise buildings. Various service, cultural, educational, and sports functions are located in the lower horizontal volume, effectively addressing the needs of residents in the high-rise buildings. The central space of the U-shaped structure is designated as an open courtyard, providing a space for residents to gather, converse, meet, play, and walk. The designer has introduced recesses in the upper and lower floors of the towers to make the U-shaped structure more flexible. These setbacks in the upper floors not only create visual interest but also provide expansive terraces for the residential units, enhancing the spatial quality of these units. The projections in the ground floor create a stepped structure in the central courtyard, reminiscent of terraced gardens in ancient Iranian architecture, giving it a unique identity.

Dividing each vertical volume into four sections and shifting them relative to each other in the plan reduces the large scale of the two residential towers, making them more compatible with the existing apartment fabric of the neighborhood.

This habitat complex, which encompasses all the programmatic elements of the project, is placed within a depression that spans the entire site, emphasizing its island-like form and allowing light to reach the first and second basement levels. Pedestrian access from the surrounding streets to the complex is provided via multiple bridges, creating visually engaging scenes as visitors cross the depression.


Complete Presentation of the VAHEH Design

Presentation of the designer and comprehensive analysis by the judges at the closing ceremony of the fourth Nexa Group Architecture Competition.