NEX EYE- Mohammad Majidi


The NEX EYE project, while focusing on constructability, cost-effectiveness, and the use of suitable technology, strives to create the highest quality for each residential unit, thereby presenting a new model for residential apartment types.

The two fluid oval-shaped towers, oriented differently on the site, break away from the common quadrilateral form of buildings. This design allows the towers to be viewed differently from various points in the city, enhancing their prominence in the urban landscape.

The main structure of the towers consists of a central concrete core surrounded by eight residential units. The central concrete core, acting as the primary structural element, houses vertical circulation elements such as stairs and elevators, ensuring complete natural light for the eight residential units on each floor. Each unit is designed with a green terrace, providing views of the city both day and night.

The inclusion of terraces on each floor creates a fine-grained division in the external facade of the towers, harmonizing the building with the fine-grained texture of the Marzdaran neighborhood. The extension of the green space from the adjacent park to the towers at the ground level, and continuing in the terraces on each floor, allows the enjoyment of green open spaces throughout the project.

The stepped design of the upper floors not only creates a unique type of spacious residential units with large private yards but also results in a sloped skyline for the project, distinct from other buildings in the city. This further emphasizes the landmark status of the towers in the urban environment.

Complete Presentation of the NEX EYE Design

Presentation of the designer and comprehensive analysis by the judges at the closing ceremony of the fourth Nexa Group Architecture Competition.