Nexa 34 – Tarahan kalbodi Moaser

The main idea of this proposal based on open spaces,
which is a challenging point in design multi-stories
residential complexes. The quality of open-air spaces in
apartments depends on many parameters. The first one is
the area and dimensions of terrace and the second one is
the greenness of open space. In this design proposal every
apartment has at least one terrace with the square shape
which lets locating a four-person table and a stabilized
flower box with enough depth.
The third parameter which distinguishes courtyards from
terrace is the height of open-space. Generally, courtyards
have no roofs but terraces roofed just three meter above.
To increase the quality of open-spaces, more than half of
terraces in this proposal have no roof or have roof height
above six meters. The fourth parameter is the ability of air
circulation across the open-space. Generally, terraces have
no two opposite open sides, but in this proposal about
one third of apartments has courtyards with two opposite
open sides which helps wind how to cross perpendicular
to direction of façade.
Locating many courtyards beside the lateral façade and
designing a special brick and construction system helps to
achieve a dierent third façade which can pass sun light
into the upper lateral courtyards while it does not provide
any unwanted perspective to the neighborhoods.