Koui saan- Faza roydad shahr

Today, in most mega cities like Tehran, neighborhoods are reduced only to a name on a sign! Cities are extended to the edge of the homes, when stepping out from a house, there’s no place to walk or to chat with a friend because of too many cars parked everywhere.The reason which makes residential complexes like “Ati Saz” or “Ekbatan” popular is not for the architectural details but for the open green spaces away from the outside’s chaos; providing a secure spot for interaction among residence.

Images and videos published in media during Corona lock down has shown perfectly that though people need to be alone for self-cognition they are in a need to live and interact with each other to grow socially and the role of architecture is to provide such a situation. Every society requires spaces to continue living and if it can’t create a space according to the changes, crisis will be inevitable. Hence, in Tehran with its multi-cultural society and the danger of polarization which threatens social lives of citizens creating collective spaces can be a successful resolution to prevent such crisis